Smart phone and reusable bag

Making a Difference: 3 Ways to Make Your Community More Eco-Friendly

Suggestions for appealing to your residents’ desire for a greener property.

History Lesson: When Rent & Occupancy Dropped in 2009

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

People having wine with dinner.

Perils of Property Management: Getting Too Close to Your Residents

It’s easy to become friends with your residents, but should you?

EV charging

Faster, More Powerful EV Charging Means Nothing Without Reliability

Legacy chargers are not equipped with the right technology to meet uptime demands that both consumers and regulators now expect. 

Cat with bowl of money.

Money on the Table: Weighing the Cost of Unscooped Pet Waste

In an attempt to eliminate pet waste, as well as produce an optimal NOI, operators are looking to implement more proactive solutions.

Green building

New PropTech Considerations for Sustainability & Environmental Impact Goals

Best practices for eco-friendly smart home technology in a world where green is great. 

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Redefining Efficiency for Maintenance Associates

Operators are taking new steps to maximize the productivity of their maintenance teams.


Onboarding Residents: Tools to Recommend for Apartment Living

Successful property managers teach their residents how to live in their apartments.

What Are You Doing to Nourish Creativity in Your Workplace?

Creative employees can help grow your business by coming up with better solutions to problems, expanding sales opportunities and distinguishing your brand and services from competitors.

Do First Impressions Deserve a Second Chance?

A longer conversation with someone will give you a truer picture of the person, place or product they are representing.