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The Science of Satisfaction: Leveraging Data in Resident-Centric Strategies

The ability to make evidence-driven decisions allows operators to tailor their strategies and rewards to the unique needs of their residents.

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Stop Wasting Money and Time: Master Inventory, Fixed Asset Management

Tips to streamline operations, optimize costs and make data-driven decisions.

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Marketing Affordable Housing: Dos and Don’ts

A comprehensive list of practices to consider when designing your strategy.

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What Multifamily Should Know About Cicadas

Preparing for the next wave starts with understanding this one.

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6 Ways to Humanize Multifamily Content in the AI Era

Today, multifamily marketing demands tailored strategies for brands to connect authentically with their audience.


Using Data to Amplify Marketing’s Voice: Getting a Seat at the Table

The dynamic landscape of the multifamily industry—characterized by evolving resident preferences, market trends and technology—demands a robust approach.

ORA by Casa Tua. Image courtesy of : Fortune International Group & The Boundary.

Green Oasis: Multifamily Trends in Outdoor Spaces

Experts on how to create inviting environments that enhance the resident quality of life.