“What Renters Want” With Jessica Fiur

Insider Tips, FAQs and Secrets for a Great MHN Award Submission

Entering the MHN Excellence Awards? Here’s the info you need for a stellar entry.

ChatGPT & Multifamily Marketing: Face Your Fears

AI can actually make a lot of aspects of the job easier.

woman on zoom call

Property Managers & Marketers: Here Are 12 Things We’re Going to Stop Doing in 2023

It’s time to stop doing the things that no longer serve us and our residents. Consider these the anti-resolutions—ones you can actually do.

4 Halloween Activities for Multifamily Employees

Because why should residents have all the fun?

Your Employees Might be Quiet Quitting. Here’s How to Deal.

Five suggestions for what to do when your employees lose motivation.

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Networking Tips for Introverts: Don’t Follow These 4 Common Suggestions (Follow These 7 Instead)

There are many networking tips for introverts. A lot don’t work. Get ready for your next multifamily event with these suggestions.

Pit Bulls in pajamas

2 Pros and 3 Cons of Restricting Dog Breeds at Apartment Communities

Restricting dog breeds such as pit bulls could be leaving money on the table—but is the risk worth it?

Jessica Fiur, Editor-in-Chief

Should Multifamily Adopt a Four-Day Workweek?

More and more industries are considering a shorter workweek to prevent employee burnout. Can multifamily be next?

Are You Being Scammed? 9 Tips for Property Managers to Avoid Grifters

It’s fun to watch shows about professional scammers such as Anna Delvey and Elizabeth Holmes. It’s another thing to be on the receiving end of one. Here’s how property managers can protect themselves.

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