"What Renters Want" With Jessica Fiur

2 Pros and 3 Cons of Restricting Dog Breeds at Apartment Communities

Restricting dog breeds such as Pit Bulls could be leaving money on the table—but is the risk worth it?

Should Multifamily Adopt a Four-Day Workweek?

More and more industries are considering a shorter workweek to prevent employee burnout. Can multifamily be next?

Are You Being Scammed? 9 Tips for Property Managers to Avoid Grifters

It's fun to watch shows about professional scammers such as Anna Delvey and Elizabeth Holmes. It's another thing to be on the receiving end of one. Here's how property managers can protect themselves.

And Just Like That…You Have to Deal With a ‘Big’ Reputation Management Problem

Property managers can learn a lot about how a certain company responded to the 'Sex and the City' spinoff.

We Really Need to Talk About That Dorm Project with No Windows

University of California Santa Barbara's billionaire-designed mega dorm has some...interesting...features. Is this the future of student housing design?

It’s Spooky SZN!: 7 Reasons Property Managers Benefit by Celebrating Halloween

Celebrating holidays at your community can with help retention and referrals. Plus, candy!

The Importance of Mental Health in the Apartment Industry: A Lesson From Simone Biles

It's time for the apartment industry to focus on good mental health practices.

Hot Girl Summer: A Comprehensive List of Warm-Weather Activities for Your Residents

More than 20 ideas to make your residents happy, boost retention and have the best summer ever.

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