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5 Ways to Harness the Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Tips to boost social media advocacy among renters.

kim webb wendover multifamily talent retention

Wendover’s Approach to Attracting, Retaining Multifamily Talent

Vice President of HR Kim Webb on finding the best applicants for on-site property roles when most candidates favor remote-work environments.

The Social Media Metrics That Matter

Why it’s important for multifamily marketers to look beyond likes and follows.

property managers

7 Mistakes for Property Managers to Avoid

How steering clear of these pitfalls helps preserve property values and enhance efficiencies.

community events multifamily blog

Heatproof Community Events for Your Residents

Helpful tips to keep your residents cool and connected, even when temperatures soar.

co-living post chicago

How Co-Living Is Reshaping Urban Housing

Catering to contemporary lifestyles, this community-driven solution is blending privacy with sociability.

seo sem

Differentiating SEO and SEM for Multifamily Success

A guideline to understanding search engine management and search engine optimization strategies.

How to Revive Vintage Apartments While Maintaining Profitability

Motus Construction’s Justin Wood delves into what it takes to make renovations financially viable today.

Welcoming Boomerang Employees: Tips for Success

The ultimate guide on how to reintegrate former hires.

multifamily construction challenges

How Multifamily Builders Are Tackling Lingering Construction Challenges

Despite continued headwinds, developments are still pushing forward.

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