“You Want Me To Do WHAT?” Controlling the Narrative With Your Competition

Why addressing your competition can actually be beneficial to you.

Is Association Involvement on Your 2021 Roadmap?

The power of personal relationships is immense, but all too often, this opportunity for professional growth is missed.

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‘Mom…Mom…Mom!!’ ‘Not Now, Honey, I’m Talking to the Leasing Agent!’

From the perspective of kids, apartment hunting is painfully boring. So when they flip out, you lose the parent’s attention. Here’s how to avoid losing a prospective resident, too. 

We Were Right All Along: It’s the Sense of Community That Drives Renewal

According to research, residents care about their connection to their neighbors. What might be surprising, however, is that multifamily professionals seem to underestimate related parts of the equation.

Is it Really the Best Idea to Make a Superstar Leasing Consultant an Assistant Property Manager?

The apartment industry has a very consistent career path: Leasing consultants get promoted to assistant property managers, who then get promoted to property managers and beyond. But does that really make sense in all situations?

MFI: 2016 Apartment Marketing Survey Report

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