How Self-Guided Tours Empower the Prospect

Brent Williams offers a fresh take on a hot topic.

Self-guided tours are an incredibly hot topic in multifamily right now. They were already gaining steam, but with COVID-19, the trend has accelerated significantly.  What I hadn’t fully thought through is how the self-guided concept would impact other industries, and it’s interesting to hear their stories.  Here is a comment I saw from someone in car sales which I thought you all might find worthwhile:

I sell cars.

Pre-COVID-19 we always felt that going with a customer on a test drive is critical. We have to protect our asset, we need a trained professional to highlight the vehicle’s good points, deal with objections blah blah.

Due to COVID-19, we introduced solo test drives as a more common option and the thing that we have discovered is not being there on the test drive appears to result in better results than being there.

The test drives do tend to last longer, which is fine. However, the customers are selling themselves the car without even knowing it. Like for example, I sent a customer out on a test drive on an Explorer and he came back going “Did you know you can press a button and the mirrors fold in?” I go “yes” he goes “That’s so cool” and he bought…I’d have never brought that up because it wasn’t identified as a feature he cared about.

But we find by removing the salesperson, and giving the customer as much time as they want they sell themselves the car.

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