Podcast: Where Will the Economy Be by Year-End?

In this episode of our quarterly series, NAA's Paula Munger reveals the association’s most recent findings about the impact of the coronavirus crisis on its members’ portfolios.

The final two weeks of the first quarter show how destructive the COVID-19 pandemic was, according to research from the National Apartment Association. We will most likely see the after-effects in the second and third quarter, but it’s difficult to tell how quickly the economy will rebound.

NAA delivers biweekly reports on how the coronavirus situation is evolving and it also conducts monthly member surveys. Paula Munger, the expert leading NAA’s research efforts, shares the most interesting ones in another episode of Multi-Housing News‘ quarterly podcasts with Senior Associate Editor Laura Calugar.

Tune in to find out what innovative solutions owners resorted to in order to help their residents cope with the coronavirus situation and why the data points toward a “swoosh” economic recovery.

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