Helping Minority Developers Scale Up  

Affordable housing advocate Gina Merritt on increasing racial equity in development while addressing the chronic affordable housing shortage.

Innovations in Multifamily Marketing

RKW Residential's Joya Pavesi on how to make the most of today's technologies and services.

Multifamily Investing in Today’s Changing Financial Landscape

Tune in to hear what CP Capital US’ Kristi Nootens has to say about maximizing profits in the current environment.

Challenges of Being a Multifamily Marketer

Bell Partners' Sarah Bessette discusses today’s most pressing issues, as well as best practices from outside the industry.

What’s the Future of US Apartment Demand?

How many units will be needed to meet demand through 2035 and what does that mean for the multifamily industry? NAA’s Paula Munger reveals all the figures from the latest research.

How to Show Support to On-Site Teams

Tips for increasing employee retention and satisfaction from Morgan Properties’ Carol Jackson.

Meet The NRP Group’s First Female Principals

In the latest Mission Success podcast episode, Jennifer Baus and Rachel Johnson reveal what it takes to be successful as a woman in multifamily.

How to Form an Effective Marketing Team

Beacon Communities' Sara Graham on recruitment, organizing staff and crucial elements for employee success.

Architecture With a Problem-Solving Attitude

Meet Lynda Dossey, a passionate Chicago architect who looks at projects as the ultimate 3D puzzles. Tune in for an inspiring conversation with a creative female leader!

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