Steve Nosrat

In Las Vegas, Deliveries Match Demand

The Las Vegas investment market does not reflect the strength of the region, observed Parkview Financial’s Steve Nosrat.

Thomas Vaccaro

Be a Winner in the Industry Awards Game

These honors are a powerful part of building your personal and corporate brand, writes the NHP Foundation’s Thomas Vaccaro.

Why LA Apartment Fundamentals Stand the Test of Time

Despite capital markets disruptions, Los Angeles remains the “gold standard” in the multifamily sector, according to Kimberly Stepp of Stepp Commercial.

The 3Cs of Negotiating Construction Loans

Parkview Financial’s Himanshu Tiwari on the current pain points for lenders.

Lew Sichelman

Honey, They Shrunk the Apartment

Units are smaller on average, but all real estate is local, observes MHN Columnist Lew Sichelman.

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Why Self Storage Is the Exception to the Rule

This asset class defies the conventional wisdom that real estate is hard to finance, according to Gantry’s Tom Dao.

Lew Sichelman

Down Payment Help for Multiplex Buyers. Who Knew?

MHN Columnist Lew Sichelman on the hundreds of underutilized programs that help multifamily investors get their start.

The Rent Growth Narrative Is Out and NOI Is In

Following the pandemic recovery surge, it’s back to basics, observes Karlin Conklin of Investors Management Group.

Lew Sichelman

Congress Questions GSE’s Non-Performing Home Loan Sales

Lew Sichelman on the concern that, as single-family rental investment grows, consumers are losing ground.

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