16 Affordable Housing Terms Everyone Should Know

The housing world is evolving and so is the vocabulary, says John Welsh of NHP Foundation.

Why the Appetite for Senior Housing Increases

Bryan Lockard and Brian Chandler on an alternative investment that investors continue to turn to for its relative stability.

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How BTR Designs Differ From For-Sale Plans

Here are some of the single-family home features that are most important to renters.

Paul Lewis and Mark Gould

Multifamily Borrowers Look to GSEs for Much-Needed Stability

Marcus & Millichap’s Paul Lewis and M&T Bank’s Mark Gould on why agency lending will play an even bigger role this year.

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Why Residential Conversions Are More Commonplace

Columnist Lew Sichelman zeros in on this fast-growing trend.

How Passive House Benefits Affordable Projects

Andrew Bourne of Dakota Partners on why we can expect to see this type of construction employed more frequently.

What It Means to Design With Gen Z in Mind

TCA Architects’ Tim Mustard on catering to this influential group of renters.

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Why Asset Management Is Paramount Today

Karlin Conklin of IMG Capital on why it’s more important than ever for property owners to look inward.

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When a Major BTR Builder Goes It Alone

Taylor Morrison is launching its own brand of build-to-rent homes.

Turning SFR Developments Into Thriving Communities

Geanna Franqui of NHP Foundation on some dos and don’ts for single-family rental success.

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