Lew Sichelman has been covering the housing and mortgage markets from his Washington, D.C., perch for more than 50 years—first at the Washington Daily News and then at the Washington Star. In addition to providing his insights for MHN, he writes a weekly consumer column, “The Housing Scene,” that is distributed to newspapers throughout the country by the Andrews McMeel syndicate. Over his varied career, he was written for National Mortgage News, National Mortgage Professional, Mortgage Banking magazine, Builder magazine and Sports Illustrated. And his work has been recognized with numerous awards from the National Association of Real Estate Editors, Mortgage Bankers Association and the National Association of Realtors.

Lew Sichelman

Honey, They Shrunk the Apartment

Units are smaller on average, but all real estate is local, observes MHN Columnist Lew Sichelman.

Lew Sichelman

Down Payment Help for Multiplex Buyers. Who Knew?

MHN Columnist Lew Sichelman on the hundreds of underutilized programs that help multifamily investors get their start.

Lew Sichelman

Congress Questions GSE’s Non-Performing Home Loan Sales

Lew Sichelman on the concern that, as single-family rental investment grows, consumers are losing ground.

Lew Sichelman

Renting Is Back on Top for Consumers

Columnist Lew Sichelman examines the effects of higher interest rates on the rent vs. buy debate.

Lew Sichelman

How BTR Designs Differ From For-Sale Plans

Here are some of the single-family home features that are most important to renters.

Lew Sichelman

Why Residential Conversions Are More Commonplace

Columnist Lew Sichelman zeros in on this fast-growing trend.

Lew Sichelman

When a Major BTR Builder Goes It Alone

Taylor Morrison is launching its own brand of build-to-rent homes.

Lew Sichelman

BFR or BTR? Why Words Matter

Columnist Lew Sichelman on the evolving lexicon for build-to-rent developers.

Why BTR Is Here to Stay

The market for single-family rentals is a diverse one that appeals to empty nesters, young families and people seeking temporary housing, according to panelists at this week’s NAREE conference.

Why Affordable Housing Production Lags Demand

At this week’s NAREE conference, JLL and Grubb Properties executives shared insights with MHN’s Suzann Silverman about affordable housing subsets and barriers to development.