Top Marketers: Integrating ESG, DEI & Philanthropy

To incorporate these elements into multifamily branding, connect them to company values, says Veris Residential’s Nicole Jones.

Nicole Jones

Nicole Jones. Image courtesy of Veris Residential

Nicole Jones, senior vice president of marketing at Veris Residential, brings more than 20 years of real estate marketing and branding experience to the table, primarily focused on multifamily communities. She currently oversees marketing for Veris Residential’s entire multifamily, office and retail portfolio.

What initially drew Jones to the Veris Residential brand is the pillars the company stands upon: its ESG, DEI and philanthropic initiatives. It’s not just about what the larger company is doing to contribute towards a better future, it’s about how its properties and residents are included in its mission.

In this podcast, you’ll listen to Jones and Multi-Housing News Associate Editor Jordana Rothberg discuss how Veris Residential’s pillars are brought to life and the way Jones incorporates these initiatives into an authentic marketing strategy.

Follow along as the two explore:

  • What drew Jones to the Veris Residential Brand (1:00)
  • Three key pillars: Properties, People, Planet (3:30)
  • Veris Residential ESG initiatives and 2022 report (6:30)
  • Implementing ESG into marketing practices (9:45)
  • Taking on philanthropic efforts (12:50)
  • Integrating the key pillars into the larger brand’s touchpoints (17:15)
  • What DEI looks like, internally and externally (21:30)

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