Top Marketers: How Mission, Vision and Values Shape a Brand

Windsor Communities CEO Jamie Gorski on the role of these principles in driving strategy.

Jamie Gorski

Jamie Gorski. Image courtesy of GID

At Windsor Communities, mission, vision and values directly drive business strategy. From marketing campaigns to corporate culture and recruitment, the brand revolves around these three elements.

In the latest episode of Multi-Housing News’ Top Multifamily Marketers, Associate Editor Jordana Rothberg is joined by Jamie Gorski, Chief Experience Officer at Windsor Communities, a multifamily management company operating 140+ communities across the United States. Together they explore the core fundamentals that drive brand and business strategy and how these can influence the future of a company.

Mission, vision and values, once established, help a company make critical future decisions. Gorski talks about upcoming marketing trends Windsor is navigating, including centralization and the implementation of new technologies, all while keeping these core business tenants at the forefront.

Be sure to tune into:

  • What mission, vision and values are, and their importance (1:15)
  • Windsor’s creation of its mission, vision and values (2:28)
  • How a company’s brand and business strategy is shaped (6:12)
  • A new model for operations, marketing and business (11:00)
  • The adoption of centralization and new technologies as informed by the brand (13:00)

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