Striving for Property Management Perfection

RMK Management’s Diana Pittro speaks passionately about her achievements, her team and her mission. Don’t miss this month’s episode of the “Mission Success: Women in Multifamily” podcast!

Diana Pittro, Executive Vice President, RMK Management Corp. Image courtesy of RMK Management Corp.

After assisting passengers for years as a flight attendant, Diana Pittro took a job as a leasing agent, thinking it would be temporary. Little did she know she would build a career in real estate and continue to help people in so many different ways. As RMK Management Corp. Executive Vice President, Pittro oversees all management, marketing and operations as well as capital programs for more than 6,500 units across the Midwest.

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She enjoys mentoring and watching people grow, and she’s always ready to go overboard taking care of her employees and residents. She is convinced that women have the ability to bring balance to a business, which is why she is encouraging all female professionals in the industry to speak up because they can make a difference.

From a multifamily operations standpoint, Pittro thinks that 2021 is a year of “happy shock,” meaning the industry has bounced back unexpectedly faster than anticipated in the wake of the pandemic. In a comprehensive conversation with Multi-Housing News Senior Editor Laura Calugar, she talks passionately about her employees and their dedication throughout the pandemic, but also discusses trends in the Midwest multifamily market.

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