Mission Success: Another Challenge? Bring it On, Says Jennifer Rowe

StreetLights Residential’s vice president of portfolio management on the complexities of dealing with an asset class that’s someone’s home.

Jennifer Rowe
Jennifer Rowe thought had her mind set on a career in investment banking, but a summer internship with a real estate firm changed her professional path. Image courtesy of StreetLights Residential

Jennifer Rowe was studying finance and economics in Boston when she took a summer internship with a real estate firm. She liked the industry so much that she decided to deviate from her initial plans to pursue a career in investment banking. Today, she is the vice president of portfolio management at StreetLights Residential, a company that has been in Dallas for more than a decade and has since developed over 14,000 multifamily units in 11 cities across six states.

Throughout her 20-year career, Rowe has served in multiple roles with Kettler and The Carlyle Group, but she also ventured for a brief period in marketing and medical sales. In her current capacity, she gets her motivation from the people she works with, particularly the younger generation that she also enjoys mentoring. When she’s not working, she spends most of her time cheering for her daughters, who play beach volleyball and tennis.

LISTEN TO: When Development, Operations Blend Together

In this episode of Mission Success: Women in Multifamily, Rowe talks to Multi-Housing News Senior Editor Laura Calugar about her career and lease-up strategies that work, but also shares details about her personal life.

Here’s a snip of the topics discussed:

  • Jennifer Rowe’s professional journey (1:02)
  • What she enjoys most about working in multifamily (4:25)
  • Switching to a different industry (6:51)
  • Motivation (10:33)
  • The economic context today (12:09)
  • StreetLights Residential’s current management portfolio (12:54)
  • Best practices to increase the chances of a successful leasing process (14:09)
  • Role of technology (15:57)
  • Keeping boots on the ground (17:43)
  • What she does when she’s not working (18:45)
  • Her unique view on diversity, equity and inclusion in multifamily (20:15)

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