Fun Fall Event Ideas for Your Apartment Community

These ideas will bring your residents together and make them fall in love with the changing season.

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Seasonal community events provide the perfect means to promote positive change and spark excitement in your apartment community. They are also every property manager’s chance to bring creative event ideas to the table while connecting with everyone involved in the celebration—regardless of whether they’re a Halloween or Thanksgiving fan.

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The combination of food, fun and games is most definitely a win, especially in the fall when the crisp weather invigorates the apartment community. With fall upon us, we’ve put together a list of suitable event ideas to host or enjoy with the members of your apartment community.

Farm tour

Farms are at peak activity during harvest season, and many open their doors to the public. In case the invitation is not out in the open for everyone to see, call and ask if a tour with a private group can be arranged.

The members of the apartment community can enjoy activities such as apple-picking, a wild hayride, hide-and-seek in endless corn mazes or just some good old outdoors time. A trip to the farm can also end with a bountiful shopping session filled with seasonal fruits and veggies and a handful of authentic flavors.

(American) Pie contest

One you’ve got those juicy fruits in, time to give your taste buds a treat. Fall is also dubbed as pie season, and let’s face it—we all have a favorite. Therefore, a fall-themed back-off simply makes sense. The tasty get-together is also a good chance to make everyone’s lives better thanks to grandma’s secret recipe.

Some residents may sign up to compete; others to judge the flavorsome creations. Either way, learning while eating—or the other way around—is the best approach to education.

Pumpkin mania

Pumpkin carving contests are an all-time favorite fall activity. They are a great creative outlet where imagination leads the way. Residents can enjoy a fun evening while getting into the Halloween spirit alongside a glass of hot cider. You can take residents to the market to pick out the victims of their choosing. Complete the menu with in-depth pumpkin picking strategies and carving techniques.

In case you’d like to turn this pumpkin business into a more inclusionary activity—as kids should stay away from sharp objects—you can turn the event into pumpkin decorating day. The tools of trade include stencils and acrylic paints, brushes, glitter, glue and a wide array of colorful accessories.

Fall crafts

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Another seasonal activity the entire apartment community can enjoy is crafting. The options are limitless, whether you pick anything pumpkin-related or Thanksgiving-themed—anyone can create something they like and ultimately decorate their own home or common spaces with. Sweeten the deal by awarding the best crafts Reese’s-filled chocolate medals.

Bonfire bash

If your apartment community features a generous garden, make use of it by lightning a bonfire. Treat your residents with roast marshmallows, popcorn and a true classic: s’mores. Complete the ambiance with cosy chairs, pillows, blankets and a live musician and encourage everyone to tell stories and sing along.

Halloween spooktacular

A trick-or-treat night is a fun way to bring resident together regardless of age, personal hobbies, and occupation. For one night, everyone can be whoever they’d like to be. Kids and adults alike can participate in costume contests, mingle with neighbors between a scare and a good laugh, and participate in various Halloween-related games, all while filling their buckets with candy.

Horror movie extravaganza

The warmer nights provide the perfect opportunity to grab a blanket, hot cocoa and popcorn and watch a movie on a projector. Bring your residents together for a Horror film screening or a classic slasher marathon. Or let them vote on which films they’d like to see. You can turn this event into a monthly one and change the theme.

Explore the outdoors

You don’t want your residents to miss the last chance to enjoy the outdoors until next year! So, before the season turns too cold, take advantage of the sunny weather and organize a hiking trip. You can head into the woods to spend time together in some fresh air, explore beautiful hills and mountains nearby or simply organize a bike tour for everyone to enjoy.

In case kids and seniors would like to tag along, check out your local state parks for the best trails there are. The trip can also turn into something educational; many residents have no idea about the plants growing in their very own garden. A trip outside would be a great way for them to learn how to identify these. Ask a local botanist or use one of the available apps to get you started.

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