9 Apartment Swag Ideas

Wow your residents with buzzworthy promotional items for your property.

pen apartment swag

Photo by zeropromosi on Pixabay

Apartment swag is an affordable and fun marketing tool that you can easily distribute to future renters. These personalized items can feature your custom apartment names or marketing slogans on them, allowing complete control over brand identity.

You can even place these items at local businesses, which can can lead to more potential new residents.

So, for that new resident upstairs, or that that long-time renter, or the couple who just signed a lease for their first place together, here are some creative multifamily swag ideas for every occasion they’ll actually love—and don’t forget to pair them with a favorite goodie!


You must have at least a few t-shirts in your closet from an event you once attended, whether it was a music festival, a marathon, or a convention. Every time you wear it, you become a walking advertisement for the brand or company on the shirt. So, gift your residents with a cool shirt they can wear to different locations around town. They’re going to love the attention—and so will your apartment community.

Beverage & drinkware

Giving away cups or mugs is always a good move, and anyone who uses these will see your brand and logo often. Try to avoid plastic cups and invest in quality materials such as ceramic or glass so they won’t get thrown away at the next spring cleaning. The possibilities include mugs, tumblers with straws, stainless steel bottles, mason jars, wine tumblers or even coffee sleeves!

Apartment logo on drink coasters? Yes, please! Create custom coasters and leave them at your local bars or eateries. This way, anyone who orders a drink here—and is maybe looking for a new apartment, too—can get to know about community.

Office supplies

Photo by Luisa Brimble on Unsplash

Even the messiest people will grab a pen and piece of paper to write down that good idea. And great ideas require cool-looking pens. For those who are more organized, apartment marketers can choose as gifts colorful sticky notes, notepads, customized journals or even branded calendars—that way residents won’t lose sight of those upcoming community events.

Branded keychain

Now that you’ve got the keys to their hearts—because home is where the heart is—gift your residents with a stylish key chain with your apartment community’s brand.

Fitness gear

Does your apartment community feature a fitness area? Are many residents using it? If your gym is a popular community go-to spot, you could give them customized drinking bottles or fitness gear.


Try to make your residents’ life more enjoyable by giving them gadgets they’ll put to good use and that’ll last for a lifetime. Think of branded phone chargers or wireless phone charging pads, portable Bluetooth speakers, travel chargers or charging buddies.

Bags and totes

Your apartment’s logo, name or even façade would look good on an eco-friendly tote bag. Opt for an organic cotton twill or even water-based eco-friendly inks for the artsiest renters out there. Or choose reusable shopping bags to suit everyone’s needs.

The COVID-19 kit

Given that the pandemic continues, it’s still a good idea to give your residents an extra layer of protection. Create customized portable hand sanitizers with caddy or face masks and thoughtfully position them across common areas for everyone to see, grab and use.

In-house apartment swag

While reaching people outside the apartment community is a necessity, don’t forget to keep your actual residents happy in their homes, too. Think of branding the prizes and gift cards you give out following resident events and giveaways. Or welcome new residents with customized clothes hangers, door stops and doormats—or even engraved hand soap—at their arrival.

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