2015 Top Owners: Rising Occupancy

This month we salute the largest multifamily owners of 2015.

Research: 2015 Leading Real Estate Law Firms

MHN & CPE’s ranking of the top real estate law firms in the country.

GE’s Easy Load Oven Drawer Keeps Wannabe Chefs Burn-Free

One of the biggest pain points with cooking is getting food in and out of the over without getting a blister. The smart folks at GE understand our struggle, and have developed an Easy Load Oven Drawer that makes meal preparation easier for the half-baked home cook.

Keep Your Outdoor Amenity Spaces Toasty Year Round with Lava Heat

From exquisitely decorated rooftop lounges to pools that would look at home in a travel magazine, developers are constantly trying to one up the neighborhood in order to secure top of the market rents and occupancies. But unless it’s located in a Southern state, that outdoor space is functionally useless for a big chunk of the year when temperatures cool.

Replicate Exotic Woods on Curved Surfaces with DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

Two key design takeaways from MHN’s 2014 Excellence Awards judging were ‘wood is good’ and that muted color palettes with texture can really make a space more interesting.

Bike Fixation’s Public Toolbox Keeps Tools from Walking Away

One problem with the public bike repair shop is sticky fingers. As any home bike mechanic knows, these tools are not cheap.

Step Up Your Barbecue Game with a Refreshment Center by Coyote

Nothing compliments some quality game time like a barbecue, and nothing compliments a barbecue like some cold beverages.

Digital IrriGreen Sprinklers Match Shape of Lawn, Cut Water Use in Half

Using technology adapted from commercial inkjet printers, the IrriGreen Genius Irrigation System features digital sprinkler heads that match watering patterns to the exact shape on any lawn.

Improve Your Lighting and Utility Bill with the First Plug & Play LED Solution

Retrofitting a building’s incandescent or CFL system with LEDs has historically been a work-intensive task. The chore has just gotten a great deal easier thanks to a the first plug & play LED lighting solution from TerraLux Inc.

Put a Green Drain in to Keep Unwanted Guests Out

Liquid Breaker’s Green Drain keeps unwanted guests and odors from entering your units via plumbing.