Erica Rascón specializes in online content creation and social media. She joined Yardi in 2011 after receiving her bachelor's degree from Kennesaw State University and serving in the Peace Corps. Erica's interests include sustainability, philanthropy, and the arts.

Talent Retention: 4 Tips for Affordable Housing

High turnover rates at affordable communities lead to repetitive training and service inconsistencies. Retaining talent minimizes both problems and paves the way for success. Here are some suggestions.

Lease Renewals: 5 Tips for Property Managers

When you know that good residents are staying in place, you can save time and money. Cut costs on searching for new residents and turning units. Save time on tours, interviews and paperwork. Business becomes easier with more renewals, and these practical tips can secure them.

7 Property Management Pitfalls to Avoid

Proper preparation can take the sting out of your daily grind and propel your business to success. Here are seven things to avoid.

Cybersecurity in Multifamily

The demand for security specialists is skyrocketing, yet a shortage in candidates leaves the industry—and your organization—vulnerable.

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