X-Chair Debuts New Design

The company's newest product takes ergonomic seating to a new level, which is well-suited for use in multifamily communities targeting young professionals or students with co-working or business spaces.

XChair%2520imageAs amenities like co-working spaces, concierge desks and communal business centers become more of a priority in multifamily properties, especially those catering to working professionals or students, ergonomic considerations must be taken for the comfort and health of residents and staff alike.

X-Chair, an ergonomic task seating brand, is known for its eponymous X-Chair product, which boasts unique SciFloat Infinite Recline and Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support technologies and K-Sport Advanced Performance Material. SciFloat Infinite Recline promotes movement throughout a period of sitting through subtle motions, increasing circulation and energy levels. The DVL Support also intuitively adjusts itself to the user’s body with every move. Responding to weight, height, position and amount of pressure, the DVL Support allows the chair to pivot with the user, even if they change positions. 

With its newest offering, X3, X-Chair takes its commitment to performance to a new level. The new X3 is made with Advanced Tensile Recovery (ATR) fabric, a multi-layered, woven nylon with a flexible molded foam seat. X3 replaces the X-Chair’s K-Sport material with this “latest advancement in fabric technology,” according to the company. ATR is water, spill and stain resistant, making it perfect for high-traffic communal spaces. X3 includes all other features of the original X-Chair, including four-dimensional armrests, independently adjustable headrests, and adjustable backrest height, among other customizable options as well as the company’s signature SciFloat and DVL technologies. 

Images courtesy of X-Chair

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