‘What Renters Want’ with Jessica Fiur: Security vs. Privacy: The Great Apartment Debate

Is it better to have a lot of security cameras in an apartment community, or would residents rather have their privacy?

jfiur_infocusBy Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor

It’s important to know who’s coming in and out of a building. That way, crimes can be prevented, and if they do occur, they can be solved more easily. No one wants to live somewhere that isn’t safe. But does everyone need to know everyone’s business all the time?

According to an article in The New York Times, after some burglaries at luxury communities in Manhattan, property managers are considering installing additional security cameras throughout the buildings, on top of whatever security measures they already have (doormen, cameras just in common areas, etc.). The issue, then, of course becomes one of security vs. privacy.

Would residents prefer the peace of mind knowing that there would be a video record of everyone coming into and out of the building, or would they consider this an invasion of privacy?

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