Weighty Issues

Do your fitness centers stack up?

As people become more health conscious, fitness centers are viewed as coveted amenity spaces in apartment communities. MHN paired with Kingsley Associates to find out what residents get worked up about in their workout spaces.

❝ Residents who use the exercise equipment should have a paper towel dispenser, spray disinfectant and trash can inside the exercise room. The intention is to keep the equipment clean, extend the life of the equipment and reduce transmission of any surface germs, especially during flu and cold season. ❞

—Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.

❝ Given the rent increases, it would be nice for the apartment to offer more events, classes, etc. Leasing staff had mentioned having exercise classes/personal training, but this
has not happened. ❞


❝ One of the reasons I continue to live here is the fitness center. However, maintenance of this amenity is lacking. The main TV has been broken for months now, and other equipment always seems to be broken, too. ❞


❝ It would be really helpful if the fitness center and the pool would stay open 24 hours, or at least until 1 a.m. Some people have school and work, and the only time to work out is after 10 p.m. ❞

—Burbank, Calif.

❝ We really do need sanitary wipes in the gym to clean the equipment once we are done using it so that it will be clean for the next person. ❞

—Anaheim, Calif.

❝ How about offering various fitness classes, keeping in mind that some of us are older than others. ❞

—Arlington, Va.

❝ It would be nice if there was Wi-Fi in the gym. It would also be nice if the TVs on the workout equipment actually all worked. ❞

—Costa Mesa, Calif.

❝ I think it’s kind of ridiculous that we have to pay to use the gym. In a building with rent as high as some of us pay, that should absolutely be included in the rent. This is something that
should be reconsidered.

—New York

❝ I love that there is a playground and a playroom for kids just off the workout room, with a window to see into the room. ❞

—Naperville, Ill.

❝ The staff has to treat the fitness room as an extension of their own work space. Too often it gets ignored. ❞

—Mount Laurel, N.J.

❝ I wish the fitness center machines (treadmills, elipticals) had ledges to place a magazine or iPad during workouts. ❞


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