Student Housing Strategies: How Is the Textbook Changing?

Student housing leaders come together to share their insights on growth, supply, investment and the variables that are shaping the sector.

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Snap Session: The State of the Young American Renter

Grubb Properties’ Todd Williams discusses the resilient essential housing market, offering insights on renter trends, demographics and ROI potential.

Suzette LeSane and Paul Rosta

Staying Ahead of The Curve: How to Meet Residents’ Evolving Needs

Watch the informative discussion on what renters are looking for and how multifamily products are evolving.


Watch: Affordable Housing 2022: New Strategies to Create Opportunity 

Affordable housing leaders came together in September for a critical discussion on navigating the expectations for the sector and finding ways to accomplish more.

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From Move-In to Move-Out: 3 Risk Management Strategies to Limit Your Exposure 

Ryan Lumsden, president of Mutifamily Housing with Assurant, shares insights on building a cohesive risk-management strategy.

2023 Midyear Outlook: What’s Next?

Hear Mark Zandi, Heidi Learner and other leading industry executives discuss CRE’s performance, risk factors and opportunities in this special webinar from our sister publication CPE.

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Getting to Yes: How Top Operators Avoid Leasing Mistakes

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the most efficient lead and marketing strategies and the path to improving your NOI.

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Snap Session: 5 Ways to Bulletproof Financing for Your Next Project

Join MHN and Liberty SBF and learn how to navigate construction financing pitfalls.

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ESG Best Practices: Increasing Value Through Technology

Join Multi-Housing News and SmartRent Chief Product Officer Mitch Karren for a discussion on best practices, and the role technology can play.

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Snap Session: Essential Facts About Essential Housing

Join MHN and Grubb Properties to hear about the opportunity offered by this underserved yet resilient asset class.