Top Marketers: How PR and Marketing Complement One Another

Public relations veteran David Ebeling on how marketing and PR work together to achieve success.

David Ebeling

David Ebeling. Image courtesy of Ebeling Communications

David Ebeling, founder of Ebeling Communications, has been in the public relations industry for over 20 years. Ebeling currently works with local, regional and national firms including brokers, developers, owners, property managers, contractors and consultants.

In this episode of Top Marketers with Multi-Housing News, Associate Editor Jordana Rothberg and Ebeling talk about the ways in which multifamily marketing and the world of PR intersect, work together and ultimately need one another.

Listen in as they discuss:

  • Ebeling’s path in PR (0:45)
  • Where PR meets and aids marketing (4:15)
  • Why integrating PR into marketing now is crucial (7:00)
  • Important content touchpoints (9:15)
  • How PR can lead a consumer towards their next home (10:50)

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