Top Marketers: Building a Family of Brands

Greystar’s Scott Berka talks about the actionable steps the company is taking on its path towards becoming a household name.

Scott Berka
Scott Berka and Jordana Rothberg

Sometimes in multifamily, building one cohesive brand means building a thousand smaller ones. For Greystar, each of its communities is a brick in the foundation of the overall company’s story. In this episode of Top Marketers, Scott Berka, senior managing director of brand and customer experience, talks about how the Greystar Family of Brands came to be.

In his current role, Berka heads up consumer and property brand strategy for Greystar as well as its global portfolio of brands. He also partners with operations and technology teams to provide strategic oversight for customer experience as well as oversees the Greystar website and social media presence.

Berka has been with Greystar since 2019. During his tenure, the company has developed an initiative that it hopes will turn the company into a common renter-household name. In a conversation with Multi-Housing News Associate Editor, Jordana Rothberg, Berka explains why and how the vision came to be.

Tune in to hear about:

  • How Berka got to multifamily marketing in the first place (1:10)
  • What the Greystar Family of Brands really is (4:25)
  • How the hospitality industry helped to inspire the idea (6:10)
  • The kickoff and launch process of Family of Brands (7:05)
  • Consumer research that made the difference (10:35)
  • Integrating the branding process for Family of Brands into the larger Greystar vision (12:30)
  • Berka’s favorite brand to talk about (15:30)
  • How Greystar aims to build and change its relationship with consumers (19:10)
  • Actionable steps Greystar is making to become a household name (24:20)
  • What renters can look forward to (26:30)
  • Marketing goals that Berka hopes these initiatives hit (28:00)

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