Tech Offerings

Does your property have what tech-savvy renters are looking for?

Technology is a crucial part of people’s lives, and the technology at apartment communities is no exception. We partnered with Kingsley Associates to see what residents think about their apartments’ tech offerings.

 ❝ There is no business center. Although management has encouraged us to talk to them when we need something, this does not work as far as printing and scanning because the office is closed after business hours. Printing, scanning and emailing is huge. ❞—Seattle❝ I may have to get a new cell phone because reception is so bad in the apartment. ❞

—Arlington, Va.

❝ I wanted to sign my lease on the spot but had to go back to my computer to fill out an application. Leasing offices should have these on hand and offer the option to sign up right away. ❞


❝ At a corporate rental we shouldn’t have to make our own arrangements for cable/Internet. It should already be connected upon move-in. ❞

—Los Angeles

❝ I really wish we had faster Internet access. I wish we had online services for community messaging, package tracking, etc. ❞


❝ I love the ability to pay the rent and do lease renewals online. ❞

—Cypress, Calif.

❝ I would really like to see a part of the site (perhaps where we log in to pay rent) dedicated to the residents with resources such as an online form for maintenance requests and postings about goings on in the building and the neighborhood. ❞

—Gaithersburg, Md.

❝ Not being able to pay rent online is an inconvenience.
This is [my] first community in four years that has not offered the option of a free online payment system. ❞

—Ashburn, Va.

❝ We need online maintenance requests. Leaving a message with no call-back or confirmation that a work order has been placed belongs to the 1980s. ❞

—Los Angeles

❝ On the online portal, make it available that you can pay rent in different amounts so that it can be split with a roommate. ❞

—Plymouth, Minn.

❝ There should be complimentary Wi-Fi Internet offered in the resident lounge. ❞

—Herndon, Va.

❝ We need Wi-Fi in the gym! Every resident wants to watch programs on their devices while at the gym, and since the ellipticals and treadmills face away from the one TV (which is always blaring sports anyway), we should absolutely have a Wi-Fi network available while working out. Just please let us surf the web at the gym! ❞

—Austin, Texas

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