Renters on Rents

Do your renters think they're getting a good deal? This month Kingsley Associates and Multi-Housing News surveyed residents to find out whether they see value in their rental agreements.

MHN_RentsArt_800x600Do your renters think they’re getting a good deal? This month Kingsley Associates and Multi-Housing News surveyed residents to find out whether they see value in their rental agreement. 

“The prices are becoming astronomical. I don’t appreciate having to pay a deposit and a fee every month for my pet. One or the other should be enough.” —Washington, D.C.

“I would like to see the trash and water bill included in the rent price. Other properties I have lived in will roll it all into one monthly bill.” —Wilmington, N.C.

“I don’t think it is reasonable to pay for my guests to use the pool. There are a lot of hidden expenses that go beyond our already-high price for rent.” —Wheaton, Md.

“The appliances are extremely low-end. It would be worth paying more in rent to have better appliances in my apartment.” —Surprise, Ariz.

“Rent rates are high when compared to similar properties in the area. Comparable communities seem to offer more value, such as lower rates for more square feet and many community and social events for residents.” —Atlanta

“I would be willing to pay an increased rent to have my appliances upgraded. It is disheartening to visit other properties and see upgraded appliances and amenities at a much lower price, but I also don’t want to go through the hassle of moving.” —Springfield, Va.

“The management staff should be recognized for always going above and beyond in making sure things are addressed when needed. I have lived in many complexes, but even with a higher rent, this one is worth staying at due to the staff.” —Lake Mary, Fla.

“I wish that the rental rate would stabilize for long-term residents. We love it here, always pay on time and do not want to be priced out of living here in the future.” —Salem, Mass.

“The building and the amenities are great, but we don’t pay a rent premium to be ignored by maintenance and the leasing office. Residents should be treated better.” —Newton Lower Falls, Mass.

“The zero maintenance, zero worry living of renting an apartment rather than owning a home is so worthwhile to pay a premium for.” —Fullerton, Calif.

“The rental rate I was quoted was false. After the additional fees and add-ons, the monthly rent was increased by $200. That is false advertising and a waste of my time.” —Hermitage, Tenn.

“I thought that the community was nice, but decided to live in another community instead. My primary reason was due to all the extra fees that I would have to pay in addition to the rent. I felt like you were trying to nickel and dime the renters.” —Vienna, Va.

“Price increases are undesirable without upgrading services. I understand rate fluctuations based on area, but it doesn’t seem rewarding to stay when rent increases and no extra value has been added to my living experience.” —Dallas

“Excellent staff helped me choose the right apartment for me at a budget I could afford! I appreciate that they didn’t try to sell me on a unit that was beyond my means.” —Denver

“I visited because of the online pricing, but there were not any apartments priced as advertised when I arrived at the community. The website was very misleading.” —Indianapolis

“There needs to be more transparency when quoting prices and fees. The move-in quote needs to be revamped to show true costs on lease-signing day.” —Tampa, Fla.

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