Quick Exterior Maintenance Tips for an Attractive Rental Property

A community’s outside needs to make the prospective resident want to go inside and investigate further.

One of the jobs of a landlord is to keep the rental properties filled. It’s a difficult job sometimes, trying to make a property stand out. Attracting the right resident, one who pays rent and takes care of the property, is essential in the decision-making process. But to do that, the community needs to be attractive on the outside for a prospective resident to want to come inside and investigate further.

A good first impression is essential. It can mean the difference between someone coming in to look around or to just keep driving. So, here are some ideas to increase the curb appeal of your property.

Clean Up the Landscaping

Make sure the lawn is mowed, the edges are trimmed and the flower beds are weeded. This is a quick and simple fix for smaller properties. For larger rental properties you might want to find out how to hire a lawn care professional if you don’t have the time or resources to constantly keep up with the lawns growth yourself.

If there are shrubs and trees on the property, remove any dead branches from the trees and trim the bushes. If it’s fall or winter, remove any dead plants from containers or in flower beds for a neater appearance. Plus, remove any trash lying around or debris from any inside renovations that have been completed

Repair the Porch Area

If the property has a porch, repair or remove the broken banisters, check the steps to make sure the treads are safe and repaint if necessary. If it’s the season for it, add some colorful and long-lasting flowers in pots on the porch to give it a welcoming feel. Also, adding a new welcome mat is the right touch.

If there is not a porch, make sure the backyard area is straightened up. One of the more popular features to a property is the backyard space for residents who have pets or children, so you’ll want to make sure it’s pet and child proofed.

Paint or Replace Small Features

The mailbox, whether it’s installed on the house or the side of the road, should be checked to make sure it’s in excellent condition. A mailbox can be repainted if it looks shabby or a new one can be purchased. The house numbers should able to be seen from the road.

Any outdoor light fixtures need to be cleaned and in working order. If the external casing is broken, cracked or rusted–consider replacing it.

Pressure-wash the Exterior

Windows and exterior siding should be washed. If the trim around the windows is chipped, nicked or dingy, then a fresh coat of paint needs to be applied to spruce them up. If there are shutters on the window, check and make sure they close efficiently and repaint if needed. Just be sure to choose a paint that is suitable for exterior use. Be sure that the surface is adequately prepared before applying any paint, so there is long-lasting quality. This is so it holds up to harsh weather conditions and repainting often won’t be necessary.

You might also want to pressure-wash other features while you’re at it–if there are bird droppings or dirt on the outside of the home, porch or patio.

Touch Up the Front Door

Updating the front door is another way to improve curb appeal. It should be painted a modern and attractive color with coordinates with the rest of the rental property. If the door knob and knocker look the worse for wear, then it needs to be updated as well. The door also needs to be damage free and without chips in the paint. By making the front entrance as welcoming as possible, it will let the potential resident know that maintaining the property is an important issue.

Hide Trash Receptacles

If trash receptacles are in plain view, consider having something built to cover them. The resident can take the trash out to the curb and then roll the cans back into the trash compartment. It could be behind fencing, skids which have been repurposed, or anything of that nature. This gives the whole area a more clean and neat appearance.

By investing a little money and some time, a rental property can shine like a diamond. When the property looks this good, it will attract the best of residents.

Linda headshotKath Johnson is a loving mother, avid gardener, and marketing expert for LawnStarter Lawn Care. When she’s not tending to her organic vegetable garden, she can be found exploring nature by bike or boat.


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