Quarterly with NMHC: Navigating High Insurance Costs

NMHC’s Kevin Donnelly and Caitlin Sugrue Walter dive into the current insurance landscape and how multifamily is navigating it.

NMHC’s Kevin Donnelly and Caitlin Sugrue Walter
NMHC’s Kevin Donnelly and Caitlin Sugrue Walter

The cost of insurance for multifamily communities isn’t going down. Instead, owners and operators are having to find ways to adapt. But it doesn’t have to be entirely on the plates of multifamily to solve problems brought about by increasing insurance prices. Policy solutions have the potential to offer some help too.

In this episode of Quarterly with NMHC, Multi-Housing News Associate Editor Jordana Rothberg is joined by the National Multifamily Housing Council’s Kevin Donnelly, vice president of government affairs, technology and strategic initiatives, and Caitlin Sugrue Walter, vice president of research.

Together the three discuss how insurance costs are impacting affordable housing, how these prices might change in the future and what policymakers can do to ease high insurance cost impacts. Follow along as this podcast goes over:

  • The current multifamily insurance landscape (1:30)
  • What factors are lending towards high insurance prices (4:30)
  • Where high interest rates do and don’t play a role (8:00)
  • The impact of high insurance costs on the national housing shortage (12:00)
  • How high insurance costs directly affect affordable housing (14:45)
  • Strategies firms are implementing to navigate a high insurance landscape (19:30)
  • The importance of high-quality data and modern technology (24:00)
  • Policy solutions that could help (27:00)
  • How experts foresee the future of multifamily insurance costs (33:00)

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