Product Spotlight: VivoPoint

The web-based platform automates chemical levels and maintenance for water features to ensure a clean and safe experience for residents.

Pools and fountains can be an effective way to attract residents and increase the perceived luxury of a multifamily community. Especially in warmer climates, pools are right behind Wi-Fi when it comes to most desired amenities. However, supplying this luxury isn’t as easy as just installing a pool and leaving it at that. In order to have a safe and cost-effective water feature, constant monitoring of sanitation measures, environmental impact and use of resources is necessary.

Hospitality developers like Starwood, Hyatt and Westin have the secret to maintaining clean and safe water features, and multifamily communities can get in on it too with VivoAquatics’ tech platform, VivoPoint. VivoPoint is a chemical automation and remote monitoring platform that allows managers to ensure a great experience for residents and guests while also saving money in operating and capital costs. According to VivoAquatics, the system pays for itself in approximately 15 months.

The VivoPoint platform can remotely manage chemical usage via an online interface, so users can view all chemical levels and make adjustments from any web-enabled device. Options include a flow sensor, tank level switches, corrosion and metal sensors, water meters and more. The tool also provides constant monitoring, with the ability to set alerts and alarms that will notify appropriate personnel when adjustments are needed. Data is stored in the VivoPoint platform, allowing operations personnel to track key trends.

Communities can also enable preventative maintenance service agreements, in which VivoAquatics will provide regular quarterly, monthly or weekly service visits. The VivoAquatics team also remotely monitors levels in order to notify managers if any problems arise that need to be fixed onsite. The VivoPoint platform offers both all-in-one solutions for smaller properties as well as customized solutions for larger communities.

Photo courtesy of VivoAquatics

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