Product Spotlight: L-Bar LED, by Lighting Science

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The L-Bar is the newest LED innovation to outshine fluorescents.

The L-Bar LED lighting element by Lighting Solutions
The L-Bar LED lighting element by Lighting Solutions

West Warwick, R.I. –It’s time to replace your age-old fluorescent lighting with a high-performance LED luminaire from Lighting Science. The manufacturer’s latest release is the L-Bar, a singular linear luminaire so powerful it can replace a 2’ x 4’ fluorescent troffer at half the price.

“This product is the manifestation of LED technology that a lot of people have been waiting for to make the big switch (from traditional fluorescents),” Pete Rumsey, EVP of business development for Lighting Science, told MHN.

The L-Bar is at once lightweight and rugged. It also wet-rated, making it the optimal lighting element for commercial applications indoors and out. Due to the L-Bar’s wet rating, explained Rumsey, “You can put it in places where condensation may happen,” such as basements, wet rooms, walkways and parking garages. “It crosses over beautifully.”

Compared to legacy and current LED technology, the L-Bar has set the new standard for luminosity per watt. Among LEDs, even state-of-the-art fixtures give off around 120 lumens per watt. The L-Bar, on the other hand, puts out around 140 to 150 lumens per watt, “and getting better every month as the technology behind the actual LEDs gets better,” said Rumsey.

Weighing a mere 19 ounces, the L-Bar can easily mount to a ceiling.
Weighing a mere 19 ounces, the L-Bar can easily mount to a ceiling.

The L-Bar’s advantages span the entire value chain, Rumsey observed, “from the owner to the installer to the actual end user.” For owners, he continued, “at half to a third of what they used to pay for their lighting fixtures, they can mount one of these and get the same light. Their installers suddenly have a very easy-to-install, lightweight and versatile fixture to work with in stairwells, main hallways and interiors for the actual tenants themselves.”

The L-Bar ships with clips that allow for direct mounting. Since it weights only 19 ounces, it can be easily mounted to the ceiling or under a cabinet, horizontally or vertically. Available in two- and four-foot lengths, the L-Bar is the ideal luminaire for any installation where standard commercial troffers are in use. Easy installation makes the L-Bar a no-brainer for retrofits.

Due to innovative engineering, the L-Bar is also a paragon of sustainable lighting design, using 95 percent less material than a standard 2′ x 4′ troffer, which weighs in at about 25 pounds. Thanks to its slim profile, the L-Bar uses 80 percent less packaging, cutting down on product waste.

Superior in weight, size, efficiency, luminosity and cost, the L-Bar is clearly the optimal luminaire for a variety of commercial applications.

Email customer service at [email protected] or call 321-779-5520 to get your hands on the best and brightest from Lighting Science.

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