Product Spotlight: GEOLUXE Countertops

The 100-percent mineral-based surfaces are durable, stylish and hygienic.

When choosing products to fit into the design scheme of a multifamily building, there are many specifications that the product must meet. It has to be durable, well-designed, modern but not too trendy and fit the budget. These constraints can become especially evident when building or redesigning multifamily kitchens. Not only do kitchen design trends change from year to year, but kitchens often get the most wear and tear in a household.

When choosing a kitchen countertop surface, owners, designers or architects must select one that won’t look outdated in a year or two, but will also last as residents cycle through the unit. GEOLUXE stone, which was recently awarded Best in Show at the National Association of Home Builders Kitchen and Bath show, is well-suited for use in multifamily properties, as it’s proven to meet and even exceed standards.

GEOLUXE_GALLERY_800_620GEOLUXE surfaces come in a variety of colors, stone variations and edge options to best fit the design schematic of any given interior. The company is also well-known for its commitment to safety and hygiene, which is especially important to multifamily community owners, who are responsible for maintenance and safety. All GEOLUXE stone surfaces have UV-resistant properties obtained through its lack of any resin component. This makes the product applicable for outdoor and indoor kitchens, as well as for units with large windows or lots of natural light, as it doesn’t fade or stain over time.

Since the stone has very low porosity, all that is required to maintain the surface is soap and water or a mild detergent, meaning renters don’t need any special cleaners to maintain the luxe-looking counter. In addition, GEOLUXE products are comprised completely of mineral-based materials, resulting in low porosity as well as low water absorption. This means that humidity and moisture can’t penetrate or gather on the surface, avoiding the creation of harmful bacteria.

No matter what renters have cooking, it’s fairly safe to say that a GEOLUXE counter won’t be harmed with it, as the products are resistant to acid and alkali, chemical spills, fire and heat, frost and impact force.

Images courtesy of GEOLUXE

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