Modern Design Shapes New Lighting Collections

Danish brand Louis Poulsen launched three new collections and an extension to an existing popular collection.

Founded in 1974, Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen has always created their products with a “form follows function” approach. While the saying often conjures ideas of utilitarian design, the company’s products are functional but have the sleek, simple and streamlined look of modern minimalism. Its newest offerings are no different, with three new lighting collections and an extension to an existing collection, the new indoor and outdoor lighting selections reflect Louis Poulsen’s legacy of quality products with subtle design. 


In a collaboration with renowned Danish designer Jakob Wagner, the company added the new Ripls luminaire to the Louis Poulsen collection. The round wall and ceiling fixture provides a multi-dimensional lighting experience with its concave, clear front shaped like ripples of water. Emitting diffused light, the ripples refract light in the front, which creates a subtle change in appearance depending on the viewing angle. Ripls is offered in diameters of 310mm and 500 mm and is offered in clear reflective, white opal and satin matte white options.

lpLP Slim Round

One of the new collections, LP Slim Round lights have a slim, circular design that is visually consistent across a range of sizes and mounting options. The LP Slim Round uses high-efficiency, mid-power LEDs to emit diffused light through a high-efficiency acrylic diffuser. It is available in four different mounting methods and an array of color choices. 

capsuleLP Capsule

The new LP Capsule is designed to light outdoor spaces, and was created in collaboration with Carsten Fisher of the architecture firm Henning Larsen. The trademark atmospheric LED of Louis Poulsen can now be applied to outdoor paths, parks or plazas. The LP post was designed to give a sense of security while illuminating the area under the fixture with direct but glare-free light. 

circleLP Circle

The new fixture range, designed with architect Mikkel Beedholm, offers two new colors, yellow and “pale petroleum,” a greenish gray. Adding to the existing white and black choices, the new colors allow for the functional modern fixture to light a wider array of projects. The new hues can complement colorful spaces or add creativity to neutral ones. The LP Circle is available in 10- and 17-inch diameters and in white, black, yellow and pale petroleum. It is available for surface mounting, semi- or full recession or as a pendant.