Poll: How will you use ChatGPT/AI in your marketing?

How will you use ChatGPT/AI in your marketing?

In MHN’s latest monthly poll, readers were asked about their useage of artificial intelligence and chatbots such as ChatGPT in marketing operations. Due to automation playing a unique and unprecedented role in multifamily marketing, alongside shortages of traditional outreach personnel, the responses reflected different uses and visions for the platform. Still, nearly a third of respondents–31 percent–expressed that they, at present, have no plans to use it.

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On the flipside, 38 percent of respondents said that they planned to use the software for outreach purposes such as social media, email and chatbots, likely due to their convenience and more streamlined operations. Similarly, there was a 15 percent split between primary uses of website design and content curation, as well as leading and lead nurturing. Such a divide in plans, for similar reasons to the majority response, the always-on nature of AI, as well as its potential for integration alongside human marketing personnel. No responses cited property management as their primary use, suggesting that its roles and duties are best managed by humans.

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