Top Marketers: Why Sales and Marketing Work Better Together

Ashley Sinclair with Village Green Holding discusses why apartment sales and marketing teams shouldn’t work in silos.

Ashley Sinclair. Image courtesy of Village Green Holding

Ashley Sinclair, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Brand Loyalty at Village Green Holding, a 15-year industry veteran, has expertise in sales and marketing. She has first-hand experience integrating those teams and has seen the positive outcome of this.

In the latest episode of Multi-Housing News’ Top Marketers podcast series, Associate Editor Jordana Rothberg speaks with Sinclair about why sales and marketing are meant to go together.

Sinclair also speaks of the challenges the partnership between these two teams can create and how to navigate those choppy waters.

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In this episode, learn more about:

  • Why sales and marketing work better together (0:55)
  • The lesson Sinclair learned about collaboration (2:05)
  • ROI potentials (3:45)
  • How you go about integrating sales and marketing teams (6:30)
  • The double-edged sword of bringing these teams together (9:30)
  • Best practices for balancing design with informative information (12:35)
  • Sinclair’s Village Green Holding campaign that integrated both teams (15:00)

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