Navigating Today’s Construction Labor Market

Swinerton’s Lauren Nunnally on one of the industry’s top issues: finding and retaining skilled workers. Tune in for the March episode of Mission Success!

Lauren Nunnally, Senior Vice President & Chief Talent Officer, Swinerton. Image courtesy of Swinerton

Lauren Nunnally grew up in the construction industry. Her father had a small company in Virginia and her grandmother was one of the first women to own a real estate business in the state. She learned from early on that the construction industry was complex, full of problem-solving and hard work. And these were exactly the reasons why she loved it.

Now, Nunnally is the senior vice president & chief talent officer of Swinerton, an employee-owned company that provides construction and construction management services throughout the U.S. After more than 17 years in this challenging yet fascinating industry, she learned that in order to be successful one needs to be resilient, adaptable, confident and emotionally intelligent. She admits that as a woman working in construction, balancing home responsibilities with work responsibilities can be difficult, but she is convinced that there’s nothing women can’t do in this industry.

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After serving as project manager for several years, she pivoted toward HR, so she’s very familiar with workforce planning, talent acquisition and mobility, as well as all the difficulties construction companies are dealing with when trying to find the right workforce nowadays. Together with Multi-Housing News Senior Editor Laura Calugar, Nunnally discusses the current shortage of skilled construction labor and how to navigate it.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • How Lauren found herself working in the construction industry (0:45)
  • Traits needed to succeed in the industry (6:50)
  • Why women can do anything in construction (10:35)
  • Standing tall in the face of stereotypes (15:45)
  • The construction labor market today (21:35)
  • Strategies to address the labor shortage (23:36)
  • How Swinerton is attracting and retaining top talent (25:50)
  • Will the labor shortage improve soon? (29:15)

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