Moe Vela Talks Affordable Housing

Moe Vela draws on his extensive experience in real estate, law and public policy to offer his views on the state of affordable housing, how it will change as a result of COVID-19, and how the public and private sectors can work together to improve the situation.


Moe VelaMoe Vela joins MHN Editorial Director Suzann Silverman to evaluate the state of affordable housing today, how it will change due to COVID-19, and what needs to be done to meet rising demand in the face of limited tax credits and tough U.S. economic prospects. The conversation addresses both policy recommendations and alternatives for real estate investors seeking to fund their projects.

Vela, who currently heads consulting firms The Vela Group and MoeVela LLC, draws on significant experience in real estate, law and public policy for this lively discussion. He was both director of administration and senior advisor in the Office of Vice President Joe Biden during the Obama Administration and CFO and senior advisor on Hispanic affairs for Vice President Al Gore during the Clinton Administration. Long an advocate for Hispanics in America, he has also served as senior vice president of multicultural strategies at United Dominion Realty Trust and executive director of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. He has also owned real estate and provided legal services as a partner at Holland & Knight and of counsel at Stein Mitchell Beato and Missner.

Tune in for some new ideas on how to surmount current and emerging challenges for the affordable housing sector.  

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