Modern Forms Introduces New Ventilation Solution

Using a DC motor powered by WAC LED and control technologies, the Modern Forms Vortex Fan exclusively runs on stealth mode.

Modern Forms Vortex Fan

According to a recent report launched by the U.S. Department of Energy, “whole-house mechanical ventilation is a critical component to a comprehensive strategy for good indoor air quality.” Moreover, the ventilation of a building is necessary to have a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. A research paper also suggested that “applying smart-control systems to the use of AC to achieve the effects of comfy and energy savings should be able to generate positive effect for the energy consumption of overall residential”.

Tacking this queue, Modern Forms has launched its new product, Vortex Fan, a smart ventilation solution which integrates LED luminaries. Using a DC motor powered by WAC LED and control technologies, the ceiling fan exclusively runs on stealth mode.

Features include:

  • synchronization with Modern Forms’ app
  • fan-speed and luminaire control
  • smart-home device integration, including Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, Nest & ecobee
  • voice command and energy savings
  • RF wall panel included for local control
  • aluminum hardware
  • ABS blades

The product comes in several finishes, including gloss black, gloss white and silver.

Photo courtesy of Modern Forms

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