Maximize the Sale Price of Your Asset With Simple Front-End Preparation

A dream list for brokers.

Image courtesy of Multifamily Insiders

Here is a dream list of documents every broker wishes they could obtain from their listing client prior to going to market. In the video linked in the blog on Multifamily Insiders, I talk about how to maximize sale price, close quickly, and with little drama. This simply requires proper preparation on the front end before going to market. Many buyers will put in their offers that they don’t want their Due Diligence period to start until after they’ve received all documents in the seller’s possession. They do this so that part of their short due diligence period isn’t eaten up waiting for pertinent documents. When I take a listing, the first thing I do is hand the seller a list of documents I’d like to put in a deal room. A deal room is simply an online, password-protected folder where I keep all the pertinent documents to a transaction. On this list is also a few to-dos that will boost value for the property. 

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