Making a Difference: 3 Ways to Make Your Community More Eco-Friendly

Ideas that appeal to residents’ desire for a greener community.

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Apartment companies across the country have incorporated more sustainable practices into their businesses, from utilizing eco-friendly materials and leveraging smart home technology for energy reduction to ESG reporting and implementing procedures that minimize environmental impact. There is a growing pressure in rental housing, from residents, associates and investors alike, to take more action on sustainability measures.

As apartment operators calibrate their focus on further accommodating modern renters, sustainability is playing a key role in their plans. More renters are becoming aware of their environmental footprint and are making more environment and health oriented decisions in their personal lives. They’d also like to live in apartment communities that support their lifestyle and make it even easier to recycle, manage energy consumption and mitigate waste and trash around communities and neighborhoods.

Based on survey findings from the 2022 AMLI Sustainable Living Index, 88 percent of respondents noted that they are concerned about climate change and 80 percent said living in an apartment with green features is beneficial to their health.

Here are some of the sustainability practices that apartment operators are implementing to make a community-wide difference and appeal to renters’ desire for more eco-friendly living environments:

Smart home for energy efficiency
Smart home technology has become a very popular amenity among modern renters and it also comes with a sustainable perk: energy efficiency. Smart home features like thermostats and appliances can automatically adjust to fluctuating energy needs and help residents better manage and reduce their energy consumption.

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