Is Student Housing Really Recession-Proof?

NMHC's experts size up the state of the sector.

Image by Ryan Jacobson via Unsplash

The student housing industry in the U.S. has often been called “recession-proof.” But has that been the case over the last two years?

“There wasn’t that much of a blip, during even the worst of COVID,” said NMHC’s Matthew Berger, on how the industry fared. “Students really decided they wanted to stay in their student housing units rather than move home or move into their parents’  basements.”

In our latest quarterly podcast with NMHC, Senior Editor Holly Dutton spoke with the organization’s student housing leads—Dave Borsos and Matthew Berger—who elaborated on the current state of the industry, including trends, challenges, and takeaways from NMHC’s annual student housing conference last month.

Here’s a sample of the topics discussed:

  • State of the industry (0:47)
  • How the sales market has fared (4:07)
  • Takeaways from NMHC’s student housing conference (9:05)
  • The latest trends in amenities (13:22)
  • Is student housing still recession-proof? (16:25)

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