Mission Success: How Training Can Minimize Employee Turnover  

Laurel Hillocks of Morgan Properties on the tools that help employees become more loyal—and better leaders.

Laurel Hillocks, Area Vice President, Morgan Properties

Laurel Hillocks, Area Vice President, Morgan Properties. Image courtesy of Morgan Properties

“Employees who have a wider range of skills tend to be more loyal,” Laurel Hillocks, Morgan Properties area vice president for Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, told Multi-Housing News Senior Editor Laura Calugar in the May episode of the Mission Success: Women in Multifamily. With today’s shortage of labor, training employees can improve turnover rates as those equipped with different skillsets can easily transition from one department to another, depending on business needs.

Hillocks has been with Morgan for more than two decades and is convinced that programs like the ones she’s overseeing today helped her grow her own career.

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To create a supportive environment where employees feel that they can take risk, share their ideas and make a lasting impact, Morgan Properties has several virtual and in-person programs that Hillocks handles as a certified trainer. The mentorship programs help new hires find a colleague that they can turn to for advice and guidance, while another program is aimed at rising stars within the company that need to be equipped with all the knowledge and confidence they need to learn their role and lead a team. Additionally, Morgan also has a Leadership Academy program that is dedicated to newly promoted managers.

Today, Morgan Properties owns and operates 95,000 units across 20 states, and its portfolio is constantly growing. Knowing how to train the different generations that are active in today’s work environment and take advantage of the younger generation’s unique skills can help a property management company gain a competitive edge.

Tune in to find out more about the importance of coaching and developing future leaders! Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • trainings available to junior Morgan Properties employees (1:01)
  • the ideal candidates for mentorship and coaching programs (4:17)
  • online vs. face-to-face training (5:35)
  • top challenges multifamily leaders face today when it comes to their staff (7:57)
  • why training should training continue when economical threats arise (9:53)
  • the role of education, training and coaching in advancing DEI (11:32)
  • training the young generation (13:12)

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