How to Use Video to Secure a Property Visit

For prospective residents, a video can save time and help the property manager build rapport. Here are four steps to creating an effective video.

The other day I was listening to a story about a guy shopping for a car. He planned on staying local for the purchase, but somehow managed to start talking to a dealer two hours away. It made very little sense for him to drive two hours for a car, and he made a point to say that to the dealer, but intent on making the sale, the dealer did a short three-minute video where he took him on the lot  and showed him some trucks that might be a good fit for him. Next thing you know, the car shopper drives two hours to buy a truck from that dealer! So the question is: Can video tours work the same for leasing apartments?

I think we all know that is a rhetorical question—video can be incredibly powerful!  I’m sure you get plenty of calls just wanting to know the price. “All I want to know is how much your two-bedroom is,” they repeat, thwarting all your attempts to understand their needs in their new home. You hang up the phone, frustrated that you were unable to move the process along. But you know what? They called you for a reason. You were on some sort of short list of theirs, and the opportunity is not lost! 

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