Harnessing Relationships in Multifamily Marketing

In the latest episode of our Multifamily’s Top Marketers podcast, Rommel Anacan of The Relationship Difference dives into how people are the key to attracting—and retaining—residents.

Rommel Anacan, President, The Relationship Difference. Image courtesy of The Relationship Difference

Rommel Anacan, president of The Relationship Difference, speaks with Multi-Housing News Senior Associate Editor Jeff Hamann about the key ingredients in your multifamily marketing strategy: the people on your payroll and those living in your communities. An active speaker at industry events nationwide, Anacan brings a wealth of experience from the industry, at both the property and corporate level. 

Anacan dives into several key issues within the multifamily sector, including the major issue of retention—and how it’s not just about retaining residents. Retaining your most skilled—and empathetic—employees is also a critical part of how any owner or operator can remain competitive and build positive community experiences for their residents. “A good marketer today has to be able, ultimately, to connect with the people they’re trying to sell to,” Anacan says. And that connection needs to endure far beyond the signing of a lease.

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