Free Rent for Micro-Influencers: Takeaways From AIM Reconnect

Tips for marketing effectively to prospective renters.

A panel during day two of AIM Reconnect.

Are you utilizing the most current and effective technologies to market to your prospective residents?

At day two of the AIM Reconnect virtual conference, different panels discussed several areas property managers and marketers can tap into to expand their reach to renters.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

On smart tech:

  • Gen Z renters want instant gratification, and they are fine interacting with chat bots and other smart technology. However, they want to know when they’re interacting with technology or with humans.

On apartment reviews:

  • Property managers should respond to negative reviews within 24 hours, which could change people’s opinions to positive ones.
  • Consider the onsite team and make sure they’re giving your residents a positive experience—renters will be more likely to leave good reviews of the community then.
  • If you don’t have a good reputation score, renters will look elsewhere. And they can easily compare your competition’s reputation score by doing a Google search.

On influencers:

  • If you’re using influencers to market your properties, make sure they’re credible and authentic. You’ll have more success if they’re an actual resident.
  • You might consider letting residents be micro-influencers for your brand.
  • One strategy could include letting an influencer have free rent for several months in exchange for content.

On videos:

  • Videos are an effective way to showcase your property.
  • Make sure your videos have your branding at the beginning, and then watermark your logo throughout.

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