Editor's Note

Why Multifamily Developers are Investing in Sustainable Development

It’s difficult to calculate the ROI of green development, but it can be rewarding in the long run.

Data Security in the Multifamily Industry

Multifamily owners and operators hold on to a lot of their residents’ personal data. That’s why it’s crucial to have a cybersecurity plan in place.

New Solutions to Housing Affordability

Rising construction costs are complicating efforts to meet demand for low-income housing. But new collaborations and the President’s recently announced plan offer possibilities for success.

Student Housing Amenities Get a New Focus

Gen Z students are serious about their studies. Here’s how student housing developers are changing up their amenities to reflect this.

Multifamily Real Estate’s Mandate for Climate Change

Environmental efforts have historically taken a backseat during recessions. But real estate’s significant contributions to the carbon footprint necessitate a change in thinking regardless of the economic climate.

The Benefits of Leasing Agents at Multifamily Communities

When it comes to leasing an apartment, technology is great. But don’t discount building a rapport!

Senior’s Moment

Demand for senior housing is back up, attracting investors, developers—and robot dogs!

Name Brand

The manufactured housing industry is attracting interest.

Outlook: 2022

The multifamily sector is poised for further growth. But that doesn't mean you should just sit back and wait for it to happen.

Bright Ideas

New design features for multifamily are taking over.

How Sustainable Multifamily Is Finally Paying Off

Developers are seeing a good ROI on green features in apartments. It’s about time.