Bazzèo Introduces Space Utilizing GAIA TECH Kitchen

Bazzèo introduces a new space utilizing line of environmentally conscious kitchen called GAIA TECH. The flexible and innovative product is designed to fit smaller and open spaces, and 'conceal' the kitchen when it is not in use.

GAIA TECH 'Open for Business'

New York—Bazzèo, an environmentally friendly kitchen and bath manufacturer, has introduced GAIA TECH, the latest division of the GAIA line. This flexible product is designed to fit in smaller  and open spaces, especially ones where the designer seeks to conceal the kitchen when not in use. This enables an adaptive overall use for the space.

The GAIA TECH line achieves this feat through an innovative, attractive and environmentally conscious layout. Highly engineered sliding components in the island convert the kitchen to a dining and entertainment area. A pull reveals the built-in cook-top and prep area. Storage and laundry areas are concealed by attractive etched glass sliders that run smoothly on a high-tech rail system. GAIA TECH is the direct result of renters and homeowners seeking increased flexibility from their open floor plans.

GAIA TECH Concealed

“There was a request to conceal the kitchen, to make it clean,” Ana Sternberg, CEO of Bazzèo, tells MHN. “When you don’t use it, it doesn’t look like a kitchen. It is a whole kitchen behind sliding doors that can accommodate anything the client needs.”

The GAIA TECH line, as will all Bazzèo products, is produced in the United States in their Secaucus, N.J., factory. This can help projects within a 500 mile radius gain points for LEED certification. All Bazzèo lines use recycled/regenerated wood from certified resources and non-toxic laminates. Lumber, veneers and wood panels only come from fully managed and sustainable forests. And with a custom product every time, there is no wasted material or space. It isn’t a surprise that Bazzèo’s motto is “Saving the earth one kitchen at a time.”

“Every kitchen is per order,” Sternberg adds. “We don’t stock anything so there is nothing lying around. The market requested a local product; this is our answer to the contemporary kitchen industry.”

Bazzèo was started three and a half years ago as an eco-conscious kitchen and bath manufacturer. The company is part of NYLoft, a group of architects, designers and professional installers with an acute dedication to personally tailored, environmentally friendly, Italian system furniture.

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