Automation Can Alleviate the Challenges of Eviction Management

How to mitigate errors during the process.


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Eviction. Not anyone’s favorite word, and certainly not a word that resonates positively with renters.

It is, however, a necessary part of operating rental housing. But as painful as it is to enact an eviction in today’s world, there is no doubt that the process is more painful and more complicated than it needs to be. Property managers are expected to run point on evictions in addition to the myriad of responsibilities already on their plates, and to do this flawlessly in an ever-changing landscape of rules, regulations and exceptions that requires unerring precision. It involves understanding legalese at its finest, not to mention bracing for the inevitable contentiousness.

The rental housing industry averages filings of 2.5 percent of units annually. That seemingly small number can become overwhelming for even the most seasoned manager. The speed with which those units are addressed—either by receiving payment or by regaining possession—can translate to significant bottom-line impact. One typo on a filing? Another 30 days. One missed deadline? Another 30 days. One failed step in the process? Well, you get the picture.

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