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Capital’s Flight to Quality in Student Housing

Financing sources are returning, but developers and investors will face steeper requirements.

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CMBS’s Cautious Comeback

Market chaos has quieted sufficiently for lenders to reenter the securitization game—with a few new rules.

Top 10 Multifamily Financing Trends for 2021

Capital continues to flow to multifamily sponsors and commercial real estate in general. Here are the 10 key factors that will drive liquidity this year.

Alternative Lenders Are Back

While the GSEs kept the market afloat starting with the second quarter, debt funds, finance companies and mortgage REITs are shopping once again.

Multifamily Refinancing’s Top Trends and Strategies

Owners have a higher bar to meet, but multifamily properties are still attractive candidates for refinancing. Here’s what lenders want to see.

Mixed-Use Retailers Count on Residents to Revive Business

Location and property type mix will determine recovery.

Senior-Housing Operators Put Safety First

Increases in operating costs and staffing issues are testing investors’ mettle.

Workforce Investors Hope Stakeholders Maintain Interest

Job losses have hit this sector of the multifamily market hard.

Multifamily Gives Back During Pandemic

The industry has come together during a difficult time to give back to the community as well as assist residents affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Luxury Renters Seek Community-Based Amenities

Class A developers offer friends in high places.