Wood Partners Scores Higher on Kingsley Resident Surveys with ButterflyMX

Wood Partners’ properties that have ButterflyMX installed consistently score higher on Kingsley Resident Surveys. Read more about Wood Partners and ButterflyMX.

Atlanta-based Wood Partners is an industry leader in developing, acquiring, and managing luxury mid- and high-rise residential properties throughout the United States. Since its founding over 20 years ago, the company has developed more than 73,000 apartment homes with a combined value of $12.8 billion. Wood Partners works to create distinctive communities of lasting value, deliver solid returns to investors, and forge a culture of respect and empowerment for their employees. This commitment to excellence can be found in each carefully selected detail of their communities, including the building entry system.

Wood Partners chose ButterflyMX to deliver a cost-effective and highly sought after amenity that future owners and residents are demanding. “We recognize the market is shifting toward proptech amenities,” explains Managing Director, Steve F. Hallsey. “Not only does ButterflyMX offer low upfront costs but we’ve also found that our ButterflyMX equipped buildings score higher on Kinsley Resident Surveys than our non-ButterflyMX equipped buildings.”

Click here to read more about Wood Partners and ButterflyMX.

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